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      News and Events
      SXMU's Delegation Achieved Gratifying Results in the 6th International University Surgery Olympic CompetitionThe 6thInternational University Surgery Olympic Competitionhosted by the Far East Allian......
      On the afternoon of January 8, the Opening Ceremony for International Students in Grade 2018 was held at the Academic Lecture Hall in Zhongdu Campus. Party Secretary Zhang Junlong, President Li Sij......
      On the afternoon of January 28, also known as the "Minor New Year", the Spring Festival Party for international student was held in Zhongdu Campus.Vice President Wang Hongwei attended the party and......
      Campus and City Life
      Our safe and inclusive campus environment and our student-friendly city provide everything you need to make the most of your university experience.
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      Explore where things are on our compact green campus.
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      Find out about how the academic year is structured.
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      Visit us and youll find out why so many students choose SXMU.
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